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Friday Bytes 2.11.11

Mark Cuban made an interesting observation in his blog about the Super Bowl last week.  Nobody seemed to care that the game wasn’t televised in 3D.  I’ve seen one movie in 3D and that was Avatar.  3D works on a … Continue reading

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Jay Cutler and Perception Versus Reality

Only the MRI will confirm whether there is damage to Jay Cutler’s knee.  How much damage, could he have still played, what was the pain level, did he quit – those are questions that won’t be answered by the MRI.  … Continue reading

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Friday Bytes

Back to Tuscon.  Due process is a fundamental component of our legal system as is the human right of innocence until proven guilty.  But one would think that when there is irrefutable and undeniable evidence of the commission of a … Continue reading

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Almost is not enough for the Ducks

Since I picked Oregon in last night’s championship game I have to man up and give Auburn their props. The Ducks had their chances even though Auburn held them to a season low of 75 yards rushing on the ground.  … Continue reading

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Friday Bytes

Watching Nancy Pelosi hand over the gavel to John Boehner accompanied by a peck on the cheek was amusing.  These two hate each other.  It either signifies that politics is pure theater or they have buried the hatchet.  You make … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

The UConn woman’s basketball team won their 89th straight game last night breaking the Division 1 record of 88 straight set by John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins.  Regardless of how you measure this accomplishment winning 89 straight of anything is special.  … Continue reading

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It’s Not Only Experience That Counts, But What You Do With It.

Yesterday was a big day for sports in Denver.  CU hired a new coach, John Embree, and the Broncos fired an old coach, Josh McDaniels.  In both cases the new and old coach had no head coaching experience coming into … Continue reading

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