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Why Your Cable Company Owes You A Real Answer

Since the internet was shut down in Egypt earlier this week I have been thinking about the internet kill switch.  Does it exist?  What would be the effect on home and business of an extended outage?  Others have thought about … Continue reading

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127 hours – A Must See Movie

I hope 127 Hours wins every Oscar that it is up for.  It is just that good.  The King’s Speech was phenomenal as well, but I could identify with this one. I went to see the movie with a hiking … Continue reading

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Friday Bytes

I was struck by the lack of typical partisan reaction during President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Some analysts attributed this to the simple fact that Democrats sat with Republicans.  Funny how that works.  I remember my grade school … Continue reading

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Ringing in the New Year with a Wedding

We ended a nice long holiday yesterday with the wedding of the daughter of our dear friends up in Estes Park.  It was the first of a long line to come. The wedding was at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau … Continue reading

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Words for 2011

Some words to reference in 2011 Simplify Proactive Unclutter Exercise Relax Presence Mindfulness Awareness

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Bits and Pieces

The UConn woman’s basketball team won their 89th straight game last night breaking the Division 1 record of 88 straight set by John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins.  Regardless of how you measure this accomplishment winning 89 straight of anything is special.  … Continue reading

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Re-Inventing Yourself

I was watching Jay Leno the other night when Rod Stewart sang his latest single from the Great American Songbook.  Sinatra he isn’t, but I have to give him credit for re-inventing himself.  He has been very successful in doing … Continue reading

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Goodbye Corn

I moved to Colorado 15 years ago and have easily adopted the local sports teams, including the University of Colorado Buffaloes. I have come to appreciate the rivalries that CU has built up over the years as a member of … Continue reading

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November 22, 1963

I was in Mrs. Spark’s 6th grade class on the morning of November 22, 1963 when the word came from the principal’s office that President Kennedy had been assassinated.  Mrs. Sparks started crying and from that point forward the world … Continue reading

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Flying High

I learned how to fly before I could drive.  Growing up during the space race I always wanted to go into outer space.  The closest I got was 59,000 feet on the Concorde where the curvature of the earth was … Continue reading

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