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Why Your Cable Company Owes You A Real Answer

Since the internet was shut down in Egypt earlier this week I have been thinking about the internet kill switch.  Does it exist?  What would be the effect on home and business of an extended outage?  Others have thought about … Continue reading

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Friday Bytes

Back to Tuscon.  Due process is a fundamental component of our legal system as is the human right of innocence until proven guilty.  But one would think that when there is irrefutable and undeniable evidence of the commission of a … Continue reading

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Wiki Questions

Two aspects of the WikiLeaks story are interesting to watch as it unfolds. The first is the source of the material.  There is always someone within any organization that has an axe to grind about something.  The mere existence of … Continue reading

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CFOs – Are You Changing With Technology?

In Sunday’s NY Times there was an article that discussed the likely evolution of technology over the coming year(s) and its impact on companies.  In this article the following quote appeared. “The guy buying software and hardware for your average … Continue reading

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Beam Me (and my spit) Up Scotty

I enjoy thinking about the endless possibilities in medicine as biotech and infotech converge.  Much of what will make up personalized medicine depends upon advancements in cost-effective diagnostics that will drive more efficient individual treatment plans for patients. This is … Continue reading

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