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Friday Bytes

Watching Nancy Pelosi hand over the gavel to John Boehner accompanied by a peck on the cheek was amusing.  These two hate each other.  It either signifies that politics is pure theater or they have buried the hatchet.  You make … Continue reading

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High Country in Colorado Beckons

I’ve spent the last two weekends up in the high country around Winter Park, Colorado.  The snow is long gone, the bright blue skies offer plenty of sunshine, the streams have receded into crystal like clarity and the weather is … Continue reading

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For BP Dedication to Finding a Solution is Admirable

We all wish that the tragedy of Deepwater Horizon never took place.  The environmental disaster in the aftermath of the explosion is unprecedented and its effect on the Gulf region will be felt for many years to come. But, it … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance Safety Needed for Offshore Drilling

If maintaining a healthy respect and concern for the environment makes me an environmentalist, then I am one. I believe there is a way for man to coexist with the environment while taking advantage (I didn’t say plunder) of the … Continue reading

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Oil Blowout in Gulf Reminiscent

During my college years at UCSB I went through gallons of turpentine removing oil tar from my feet and surfboards.  The environmental effects were far more reaching. “On the afternoon of January 29, 1969, an environmental nightmare began in Santa … Continue reading

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Wolves Return to Colorado

Wolves have apparently returned to Colorado after having been wiped out by federal bounty hunters back in the 1940s. This is good news.  Perhaps instead of culling elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park with 30-06 rifles, a pack will … Continue reading

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