Friday Bytes 2.11.11

Mark Cuban made an interesting observation in his blog about the Super Bowl last week.  Nobody seemed to care that the game wasn’t televised in 3D.  I’ve seen one movie in 3D and that was Avatar.  3D works on a big screen with pumping sound when the total experience can envelope you.  3D in the basement doesn’t work for me, not even on a 60 + inch set.  The whole glasses thing is just too much to mess with.

And while we’re on entertainment, there was another interesting post this week about the digital music business.  Fred Wilson over at talked about his frustration in accessing music content in today’s environment.  Fred is much closer to this than me, but I sympathize with him.  My music downloads are all done through iTunes because it is easy, simple and I’m an Apple guy.  I love music and am pretty computer literate, but having my own station is too much of a reach right now.

President Obama in his address to the U.S. Chamber of Congress said, “I’m here in the interest of being more neighborly.  Maybe we would have gotten off on a better foot if I had brought over a fruitcake when we first moved in.”  I hated fruitcake when my mom used to bring it home from the office because nobody wanted anything to do with it.  Apparently they don’t like it on Capitol Hill either.

Did you know that with a little extra cash you could get a DNA portrait of you and your loved ones?  That’s right.  The DNA revolution has created an evolution of a different sort, art.  The company DNA11 has their photo gallery on display here.

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, the most watched television event of all time, comes the reality of the lockout and the CBA renewal.  Not enough money to go around they say so both sides want to reach into each others pockets.  Closer to home the Denver Broncos have already begun to prepare their staff for reductions and pay cuts.  From afar we think this is about millionaires fighting with billionaires, but as a local talk show host explains it’s the little guy that’s about to get screwed.

This week I reduced my Twitter following to one half of the number that follow me.  This was done as an experiment to enrich the information flow of my Twitter stream and to facilitate a greater degree of interaction.  My bandwidth seems to be better at 175 than 300 and I’ve noticed what I am missing.  I can assure you that if you have over 1,000 followers you don’t even know I’m not one of them anymore.


About Mike

Mike has been an executive in the biotechnology industry for the past 20 years. Mike is a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara, earning Bachelors degrees in Business Economics and Geography. Mike also earned his MBA in Finance from California State University, Fresno. Mike is married to the mother of his 3 children and currently lives outside of Boulder, CO. In his spare time Mike enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing, reading and coaching basketball.
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