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Back to Tuscon.  Due process is a fundamental component of our legal system as is the human right of innocence until proven guilty.  But one would think that when there is irrefutable and undeniable evidence of the commission of a crime (like there is in the Giffords’ case) few legal options would be available to delay justice.  Insanity?  Change in venue?  Please.

Most of us who blog do so with a heavy filter.  I for one would really enjoy letting my freak flag fly every once in a while, but don’t because of concern over my online persona.  There are some, however, that don’t see the need for a filter and it works.  They are the lucky ones.

The only commonality amongst the QBs left in this NFL playoffs is that they are all first round picks.  According to the pundits one can’t run (Roethlisberger), one can’t throw (Sanchez), one is too unpredictable (Cutler) and one is still unproven (Rodgers).  The two “perfect” QBs (Manning and Brady) are home watching.  Bodes well for Tim Tebow.

Last night Charlie Rose interviewed Dr. Henry Kissinger as part of the coverage of the U.S. visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao.  Kissinger was instrumental in righting relations with China 40 years ago.  Since then he has visited China over 80 times.  The guy is still sharp as a tack and one of the smartest men on foreign policy who has ever lived.  I could listen to him forever.

Who is Mikail Prokhorov? He is the billionaire owner of the New Jersey Moving To Brooklyn Nets who doesn’t use a computer.  A billionaire who doesn’t (have to) use a computer.  How refreshing is that?  Up to a year ago he didn’t carry a cell phone either.

Josh McDaniels destroyed, and I mean destroyed, the Denver Broncos in just under 2 years. Yet, just six weeks after being fired the St Louis Rams were willing to entrust him with their $60 million QB Sam Bradford.  This is another indication that prior performance in the NFL means nothing.

One up one down.  Is Larry Page trying to be the new (old) Steve Jobs? Mr. Page never left Google like Steve Jobs once did Apple, but both came back as original founders to lead their respective companies Google and Apple further into the promise land.  The parallels are uncanny and the timing particularly curious.  Curious in the sense that the change happened during the same week that Jobs look medical leave and at a time when Facebook and Apple has been getting most of the publicity.  Not to be forgotten.


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Mike has been an executive in the biotechnology industry for the past 20 years. Mike is a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara, earning Bachelors degrees in Business Economics and Geography. Mike also earned his MBA in Finance from California State University, Fresno. Mike is married to the mother of his 3 children and currently lives outside of Boulder, CO. In his spare time Mike enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing, reading and coaching basketball.
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