Is It Just Me?

As the whole story behind the Christmas Day bombing attempt is revealed I am left scratching my head.  Is it just me, or like our approach, am I missing something.

Like many of you in business we all fly a lot.  I never think about being blown up in a plane because if it happens, it happens and was mean’t to be.  The probability exceeds that of most actions in every day life.

The reason I feel this way is because as difficult as it is to insure 100% safety (make that impossible), it is acknowledged that terrorism against the U.S. represents a clear and present danger that we are doing everything possible to defend against.

So, when we start missing the obvious – one way ticket, paid in cash, no luggage, father warns authorities, screening, matches – it causes me to think, ah, another forest missed through the trees.

And then the remedies kick in, all well thought out in advance to sooth the public that we are responding to the event.  Where were those remedies before?  We added a bunch of names in a database to the “no fly list”.  Great. Why were they sitting in a database in the first place?  Presumably these names were added to the database for good reason.  And the 14 known countries deemed to support terrorism, did they just burst on the scene?  You all read the same articles that I do and know that the list is long.

Many times I feel as if we have these response plans all ready to implement, but are waiting for an “event” to use them to show a prepared response to the public.  Its not clear to me why we wait to implement these responses if, in fact, we are committed to do our best defend against the threat.  Is orange not red enough?

Its time to acknowledge the risk of terrorism on U.S. soil is real and it isn’t going away in our life times.  We can’t pretend things are better than they are.  We need a zero tolerance approach to safety and should use the resources and plans we have to continually improve our defenses and not wait for the next event to implement them.



About Mike

Mike has been an executive in the biotechnology industry for the past 20 years. Mike is a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara, earning Bachelors degrees in Business Economics and Geography. Mike also earned his MBA in Finance from California State University, Fresno. Mike is married to the mother of his 3 children and currently lives outside of Boulder, CO. In his spare time Mike enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing, reading and coaching basketball.
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